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The first Nightlife Friend, Jón Kári Hilmarsson, has worked most of his life in the airline/travel business and has been guiding visiting businessmen and friends for years and decided to change this into a business.

I live downtown Reykjavik and my friends kept sending their friends to me, and their friends also etc. I have had experiences like this in my own travels. I have been to cities that I was completely lost in, when I was looking for place to party. But a year later I had friends there and I experienced the city again. It is very important to know someone who knows the ropes. It saves a lot of time and is so much easier

The Nightlife Friends have been guiding in Reykjavik since 2001 and have since then started in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo and soon in more cities. The Nightlife Friends are locals, from different age groups, with different musical interests and speak several languages.

For booking and information thorgeir23@gmail.com  or tel.: +354 822 6600.

Nightlife Friend provides you with an exclusive VIP guide who will take you along through the Reykjavik nightlife scene and help you break the ice with the locals



I’ve been meaning to write you all week but the whirlwind of getting back into work, explaining the weekend to my fiancée, and clearing my head so I can think has taken up most of my time. I just wanted to thank you for a great time and I also wanted to let you know that I will suggest your services to anyone who plans to make the trek to your wonderful country. Please let me know if you even make it to the States. By the way your guy rocked the house and your in good shape in the years to come

R. Stansell, NY


Just wanted to let you know you guys really came through, we got hooked up in full everywhere, no covers, walked straight through some giant lines, got big discounts tables, bottles etc. Svein is the man, made sue the owners of all the clubs didn’t take advantage of anything . Be sure to hook him up, he went way above and beyond to makes sure we had a killer night. I think I might have a hang over for the next week but totally worth it

S. Jenkins, CA


Just wanted to let you know I had the best time of my life on Friday. Your man hooked up the best of the best. I will be using the service anytime I go some where it’s available and when I come back in the summer

Z. McCarter, USA


Worth its weight in gold

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Grapewine, article


We started this service in Reykjavik and here are some articles about us so far

Reykjavik Grapevine, a free local English newspaper.
The Guardian Limited travel section (UK).
Sweden’s Aftonbladet.
Frommer’s Guide article.

We are featured in the Lonely Planet Best of Reykjavik Guide and the Thomas Cook CitySpots Reykjavik Guide.

The service has been featured on the following TV shows:

DealFlowTV – Show for MSNBC World in the US – 8.5 Mb mov
Any Given Latitude – US Fine Living Channel (Joanne Colan, formerly of MTV Europe) – 1.3 Mb mov

Pro7 Taff – German TV magazine.

“Fri” – Norwegian travel show. – 3.2 Mb mov

Girls in the City – French travel show on Voyage channel.